Order McK’s Tavern Takeout food using ChowNow

Online ordering and payment for takeout food orders via the website or our app on your smartphone from McK’s Tavern is now available via ChowNow!

Simply click on the Order Takeout option on the web site or use our app on your smartphone and then use your account at ChowNow to order your food to go and pay!

Our staff will be notified of your order and will message you if there are any questions or issues and tell you when it will be ready for pickup.

You simply come in at the promised time and notify our staff that you are here to pickup your ChowNow order.


Our app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

No Smartphone?  No problem!

Just use your web browser to create a ChowNow account and order your food via our web link.  We’ve placed the ordering option on the web site’s menu, as well as on the Menu page and in the sidebar as a widget.


Our Beer Menu is now online!

Beer Menu
Beer Menu

We recently updated our website so that it shows an updated version of our Beer Menu.  If you are using a desktop computer you’ll see the option in the main menu across the top of the web page.

If you are using a mobile device, click on the Menu option to expand the web site’s menu, and then select the Beer Menu option.

Website Menu option on mobile devices
Website Menu option on mobile devices

This information is the same as what you will see on the large flat screen over our bar and it’s powered by the Beer Menus app and website.